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Countryside at Night

When I was a kid, I lived with my parents at the countryside, although close to the outskirts. I enjoyed the seasons and the different moods they caused. Watching the moon rising on a cold but clear January evening. Flying my kite while standing on a stubblefield in August. Or collecting chestnuts in late september. But what I liked the […]

Holcim cement works at Höver near Hanover, Germany

Höver Cement Factory

I recently stumbled over the “Zementwerk” project, made by the skater supplier Volcom in cooperation with Leica. The project features a short film and as well as black and white photographs, showing some guys skating in an abandoned cement factory. The conveyed atmosphere inspired me to visit a cement factory myself. Finding a Location I decided to head for the […]

Residential house, Wunstorfer Straße

Random Houses

In terms of architectural photography, the winter season appears to be my most productive period. Several reasons are responsible for that: the weather often provides days with a dull, grey sky (which I strongly prefer); the trees have lost their leaves (and thus are not blocking the sight) and there hardly any people outside (at least not for just being […]

Short Trip to Bristol and Swansea

If you admire street art the same way I do, you should definetely visit Bristol! I have been there recently – and I rarely saw that much of cool graffiti. Then I traveled to South Wales and spent some time at the coastline. I stayed in a hotel at the St James Barton Roundabout which is located within walking distance […]

Spring Funfair in Hanover (Part 3)

The third and last part of my series about the spring funfair in Hanover differs somewhat from its predecessors: this time I went there in the evening, when the night started to fall. I wanted to capture the many artificial lights, as they are so colorful and intense. These lights let the place shine. I adjusted my shutter speeds in […]

Panoramic image of a cement works, shot with a Linhof Technorama 612 PC on Kodak Portra medium format film

Go Wide! Shooting Panoramic Images with the Linhof Technorama 612 PC

The Linhof Technorama 612 PC is a panoramic camera that produces 6x12cm2-sized images on medium format film. In contrast to other panoramic cameras such as the Hasselblad XPan or the Fuji GX617, the Technorama 612 provides a fixed 8mm vertical shift of the lens (“PC” stands for “Perspective Correction”). This feature avoids converging lines and predestines the camera for architectural […]

Spring Funfair in Hanover (Part 2)

As already mentioned in the first part of this series, I also took some black and white photographs of the spring funfair in Hanover. My approach consisted of documenting the kiosks and rides like “real” architecture. For this purpose, I brought my SLR camera equipped with a shift lens. I think one of the photographer’s important tasks is to create […]

Tanks and container at a factory in Misburg, Hanover

Industrial Still Lifes at Misburg

This time I report on a bike trip to the industrial sites of Hanover’s east. That evening I created a short series of what I call “industrial still lifes”. The photographs show urban landscapes as well as some details of the area. Located at the eastern rim of Hanover, Misburg-Nord and Misburg-Süd are two quarters shaped by industrial activities. Especially […]