Spring Funfair in Hanover (Part 3)

July 18, 2017

by — Posted in shot on film

The third and last part of my series about the spring funfair in Hanover differs somewhat from its predecessors: this time I went there in the evening, when the night started to fall. I wanted to capture the many artificial lights, as they are so colorful and intense. These lights let the place shine.

I adjusted my shutter speeds in such a way I obtained some motion blur without risking too much of camera shake. Long time exposures would have been nice to create some light trails – but as tripods are not allowed at the fair side, I skipped that. (Some years ago, I had an argument with one of the security people. Actually, tripods are not forbidden per se. However, taking photographs “professionally” is. The guy told me, if you use a tripod, you must definitely be a professional. It’s that simple!)

All these images were shot on Kodak Porta 160 film. I used a Leica MP rangefinder camera with a Summilux f/1.4 50mm lens.

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