My name is Christian Schröder and I live in Hanover, Germany. This website is dedicated to my biggest passions: photography and architecture.

My interest in taking photos arose after I had realized what a powerful tool photography is for documenting my environment. When I was young, there stood a lot more abandoned and decaying industrials plants along my daily paths than today. These rusty dinosaurs have been fascinating me ever since. But I saw many of these sites vanishing, some rapidly and some gradually. Often, the demolition ball came and a plane field was all what it left. Sometimes I wished I could stop these processes of change. Of course, I wasn’t able to, so I wanted to possess at least a proof how things were before they changed. I began taking photographs of architectural subjects in 2003. Since then, I constantly expanded my photographic interests–but old industrial plants are still my favorites.

A popular when not even famous example for structural changes in my region is a former production site of the German automotive company Continental. Their rubber factory in Hanover-Limmer closed in 1999, one hundred years after it had been opened. The demolition began in 2003. Interrupted several times, it was finished around 2015. Today, only a water tower and two factory buildings have survived. Because the plant was visible from my parents’ home, I intensely monitored the demolition process and went there for taking photos countless times.

The Continental plant during demolition in 2007. This site was the main reason, why I started architectural photography.

Until 2012 I sticked to film photography. I switched to digital for working with tilt-shift lenses. Mainly because I feared a long and expensive learning phase. In late 2016, I was again curious about exposing some photographic film and gave it try. I haven’t regretted it–using film seems even getting more and more exciting.

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(Portrait taken by Stephanie Kautz)