Residential house, Wunstorfer Straße

Random Houses

In terms of architectural photography, the winter season appears to be my most productive period. Several reasons are responsible for that: the weather often provides days with a dull, grey sky (which I strongly prefer); the trees have lost their leaves (and thus are not blocking the sight) and there hardly any people outside (at least not for just being […]

Spring Funfair in Hanover (Part 3)

The third and last part of my series about the spring funfair in Hanover differs somewhat from its predecessors: this time I went there in the evening, when the night started to fall. I wanted to capture the many artificial lights, as they are so colorful and intense. These lights let the place shine. I adjusted my shutter speeds in […]

Panoramic image of a cement works, shot with a Linhof Technorama 612 PC on Kodak Portra medium format film

Go Wide! Shooting Panoramic Images with the Linhof Technorama 612 PC

The Linhof Technorama 612 PC is a panoramic camera that produces 6x12cm2-sized images on medium format film. In contrast to other panoramic cameras such as the Hasselblad XPan or the Fuji GX617, the Technorama 612 provides a fixed 8mm vertical shift of the lens (“PC” stands for “Perspective Correction”). This feature avoids converging lines and predestines the camera for architectural […]

Spring Funfair in Hanover (Part 2)

As already mentioned in the first part of this series, I also took some black and white photographs of the spring funfair in Hanover. My approach consisted of documenting the kiosks and rides like “real” architecture. For this purpose, I brought my SLR camera equipped with a shift lens. I think one of the photographer’s important tasks is to create […]

Tanks and container at a factory in Misburg, Hanover

Industrial Still Lifes at Misburg

This time I report on a bike trip to the industrial sites of Hanover’s east. That evening I created a short series of what I call “industrial still lifes”. The photographs show urban landscapes as well as some details of the area. Located at the eastern rim of Hanover, Misburg-Nord and Misburg-Süd are two quarters shaped by industrial activities. Especially […]

Flowers at the Berggarten Garden in Herrenhausen quarter of Hanover, Germany

Nature Calls! Visiting the Berggarten

Sometimes I really enjoy taking photos of some nature-stemming objects instead of the industrial sites I usually prefer. Visiting the Berggarten garden in Hanover seemed to be a good option to check out a friend’s camera. The Berggarten belongs to the Herrenhausen Gardens, which are a popular sight in Hanover. Herrenhausen’s most famous is the Great Garden, a baroque formal garden. […]

Amusement ride at the spring funfair ("Frühlingsfest") in Hannover, Germany.

Spring Funfair in Hanover (Part 1)

The spring funfair in Hanover has been attracting my photographic intents for years. The three-week Volksfest provides many opportunities for shooting intense and artificial colors: During daytime, there are the airbrush-painted panels of many kiosks and amusement rides. At night, thousands of blinking bulbs lighten the site. This time, my photographs show a little different story of this funfair, because […]

Abriss des stillgelegten Zementwerks HPC im Stadtteil Misburg-Süd von Hannover

Industrie und Gewerbe

Alter Wein aus neuen Schläuchen – oder: alte Motive auf neuem Film, so könnte das Motto auch für diesen Beitrag heißen. Bei dieser kleinen Schau hannoverscher Industrie- und Gewerbebetriebe gibt es kaum etwas Unbekanntes. Fast alle Gebäude hatte ich bereits zuvor schon fotografiert, viele von ihnen sogar mehrmals. Diese zweckmäßige, früher oft dezent kunstvolle Architektur gehört zu meinen liebsten Foto-Objekten (nicht ohne […]